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This site celebrates the west coast marine environment and promotes ocean literacy in Canada.

CaNOE launch for Ocean Literacy: The new green is blue.

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CaNOE is the network that advances ocean literacy in Canada by linking best practices, diverse constituents and by charting a course that includes ocean education for a sustainable future. CaNOE is as much about celebrating what is already going on, as it is about moving the ball forward. CaNOE is the network that connects Canadians working towards ocean literacy all over this huge country, from Arctic, to Atlantic, to Pacific. Every part of Canada connects to the ocean through its fresh water in watersheds, through its’ weather and through its goods, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. CaNOE provides a platform for learning, dialogue and communication about ocean literacy in Canada. By pulling together, the momentum created, increases understanding of the value of the ocean regionally and nationally, now and for the future. CaNOE can help Canada keep up with international interests and obligations . CaNOE can help transform education in Canada to include the ocean, after all this life support system is the dominant feature of our planet.


Author: astewartbamfield

I am a marine environmental educator and communicator. I am passionate about the ocean. It inspires me from art to science.

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