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This site celebrates the west coast marine environment and promotes ocean literacy in Canada.

CaNOE web-site launch tied to Ocean Literacy Art Show at Vancouver Aquarium

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Canoe CaNOE aka the brand new Canadian Network for Ocean Education Society is all about ocean literacy in Canada. Its’ soft launch (web-site up) was on December 8th, half way through the year from World Oceans Day. Next World Oceans Day, June 8th, 2014, CaNOE will complete its launch by celebrating Ocean Literacy success stories from all over Canada.

A big thanks goes out to the Canadian Wildlife Federation for hosting the CaNOE web-site. Thanks to all the new members for giving CaNOE momentum and to the Steering Committee for keeping things on track. Canadian educators, organizations, businesses and institutions are all invited to come aboard and pull for Ocean Literacy in Canada. Join the CaNOE by e-mailing mfreyATroyalbcmuseum.bc.ca

Please use the press release below in your community to help spread the word. The launch is also timed to coincide with voting for your favorite entries in the on-line art show at the Vancouver Aquarium which is dedicated to the sixth principle of Ocean Literacy: the ocean and humans are inextricably interconnected. Vote now for your favourite work in the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Art Online Exhibition! Voting ends December 15, 2013.

December 10, 2013
New Ocean Literacy Website Created for Canadians
Vancouver, BC – A new non-profit, the Canadian Network for Ocean Education, or CaNOE, has created a new website promoting the Ocean Literacy Principles in Canada. The website features seven ocean literacy principles as well as programs being offered by like-minded institutions that are also promoting the principles: Vancouver Aquarium, Ocean Networks Canada, Canadian Wildlife Federation, Royal BC Museum and others. The goal is to further Canadians’ understanding of the ocean.
“Oceans play a central role in our daily lives. They control the climate, provide food and oxygen, are a means of transportation, and are crucial to many other basic necessities,” says Jonathan Hultquist, manager of public programs, Vancouver Aquarium.
Did you know that…
• the oceans provide at least 50 per cent of the air we breathe?
• more than 2.6 billion people (that’s more than a third of the world) depend on the oceans for their primary source of protein?
• over three billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods?
• the oceans absorb about 30 per cent of the carbon dioxide produced by humans, buffering the impacts of global warming?
“Canada is the world’s ocean superpower; we have three oceans on our shores, and the longest coastline in the world. Canadians, however, could improve their awareness of their marine heritage in order to take better care of it,” says Dr. Boris Worm, Dalhousie University. “Adopting ocean literacy principles is definitely a step in the right direction.”
Ocean literacy means understanding the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean. There are 7 principles of Ocean Literacy — concepts scientists and educators agree everyone should understand about the ocean. Canadian institutions are embracing these Ocean Literacy Principles and finding creative ways to inform and inspire people.
The Vancouver Aquarium is hosting the Ocean Art Online Exhibition to promote these Ocean Literacy Principles. Canadian artists and photographers of all ages were invited to create visual expressions that demonstrate the 6th ocean literacy principle: the ocean and humans are inextricably interconnected. The online exhibition accepted submissions from Canadians of all ages until November 30, 2013. Voting for favourites is open from December 1-15, 2013.
CaNOE launched its new website http://cwf-fcf.org/canoe/en/on December 8, 2013, when the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Art Online Exhibition is available for viewing and voting.

Media Contact:
Name – Anne Stewart
Title Co-chair – CaNOE Steering Committee
Organization – Canadian Network for Ocean Education (CaNOE) Canoe


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I am a marine environmental educator and communicator. I am passionate about the ocean. It inspires me from art to science.

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